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Welcome! The Trained Individual Contractor Certification Program provides guidance and training those responsible for the management of construction projects requiring a Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSGP), also known as a “Trained Individual”. The focus is on the implementation of construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) through the proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of erosion, sediment, and other pollution controls, also known as construction-phase best management practices (BMPs). The program is designed to provide contractors with the knowledge to better manage their Rule 5 (CSGP) construction sites and stay in compliance with local stormwater ordinances.

Contents Included in Training:

Certification Instructions

Begin with the Certification Instructions as we have updated our Trained Individual program to align and support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Construction Inspection Training Course.

Module 1: The State of Our Waters

This presentation discusses water quality, its impact on communities, and its connection to construction practices. It is given by Jill Hoffmann, Executive Director of the White River Alliance. A short quiz follows the video. This module will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Module 2: Indiana Construction Stormwater General Permit

This module highlights the differences between State and Federal regulations with respect to stormwater permits. It is presented by John Thomas, the Stormwater Administrator for the City of Carmel, one of our member communities. A short quiz follows this video. This module will take approximately 35 minutes to complete.


This folder contains several downloadable files including the 2023 Trained Individual Manual, Rule 5 Quick References, Construction Self Monitoring Templates, and IDEM BMPs.